This page is in progress, we will post pictures of were we are and what we are trying to do as we go, so visit often.


Currently our projects include fixing our barn, fencing in more land for new horses, and trying to get our overhead cost down with feed and hay.

We currently have 15 horses to feed, we use approximately 62 lbs of grain a day, 4 round bales of hay a week, 2 bag's of alfalfa pellets a week, 2 bag's of beet pulp ever two weeks and various other nutritional supplements. As you can imagine, the cost is high, but seeing the horses after we have made the investment and knowing that they will go to a home where they will be loved and cared for makes it all worth while.

We are always looking for volunteers as well, if you are interested please send us a message or contact us at the phone numbers listed and we will return the call or message.


Thank you for visiting our page and please come back and visit again.

Yours Truly,

Kraig and Melissa 


2-3 large Watering trough or bathtubs before summer starts

another hay ring or two

Need a Tractor!!!!

We surely could use hay, if you like to make a donation, please use any of our paypal buttons, or go directly to and our account name is you like a receipt just send us a message.

Need 4x4's 8 ft tall and roofing material, 2x4's, nails, etc. so we can start building the pasture shelters.

Automatic waterers for all 8 pastures and 3/4 pvc piping to run the water from our pump to the horses. 

Looking for sponsors! horses need to have their hooves trimmed on a regular schedule and teeth floated as well, $10 gets one hoof done and $110 to float a horses teeth, $30 for coggins test, $75 for  vaccines, ------ a tube of wormer  ( treats one horse) , ------- sand clear, also a emergency fund in case one of the horses needs emergency treatment for colic and/or lacerations etc.

 We are so grateful for being part of  such a wonderful community, your donations go directly towards horses that have been starved and physically and mentally neglected. Donations can be made directly to Tractor Supply Store in Brunswick, you can call 912-265-0313 and ask to make a donation to Equine Rescue of South GA,Inc. they can take your credit card info over the phone! Thank you so much, once funds are verified we can issue a receipt for your tax purposes!

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