Equine Rescue of South Ga,Inc is in need of sponsors for our horses. These horses have been neglected and mistreated to the point that most do not trust humans. It is heart breaking to witness such a beautiful creature be fearful of our touch. Gaining their trust takes special commitment.  Full sponsorship is $150 per month with a 12 month commitment. As a full sponsor, you will be kept posted of the developments of your horse with pictures dates of vet visits, etc. Feed sponsorship is $50 per month. Farrier sponsorship is $30 per month. As a sponsor, you will receive your name on our advertisements, web page, face-book and a special package. Donations may be made at the Heritage Bank in St.Marys Ga. under the account name of Equine Rescue of South Ga,Inc. Please find it in your heart to help them heal on the outside as well as the inside.

Diamond 12-29-11

 Diamond 12-26-11

 Diamond 01-26-12

 Daphne 01-28-12


 Daphne came to us malnourished and in foal, she needs special supplements not just get her weight up but to keep up with the demands of the new life that is growing inside of her. Dr. Lott is keeping a close eye on both of them to give them the best care possible. All this means; Daphne needs a special person to be her monthly sponsor, if you think you can commit to a monthly donation we will keep you posted of her and her foals progress with weekly e-mails and pictures!If possible we will link a live video camera feed to observe the birth of the foal.

March update: Daphne is no longer in foal, it is bitter sweet news. As we are sorry for the loss of the foal, Daphne now has a easier time to regain the weight she needs. 


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